Git Dashboard

This dashboard is made for collaboration with teams. I was a hackthon-ing with bizkit and ftt. We set up the dashboard to pulls new data from the repository automatically and display in this pretty format. It was only intended for fun but it turns out very useful when merging works from everyone. The tool we used to make it display on the desktop is called NerdTool.

MetaWatch meets Google Maps

MetaWatch just shipped out few days ago. Once I got the watch, I starts to play with it, and to see what it is capable to do. I tried to use the intent-based API and put together this little experiment. I use the phone to acquire current location then retrieve Google Maps image for 96x96 display. Before you could deliver images to the watch, you’ll need to convert it to Black & White image. I used a threshold filter on the luminance channel for this, and the photo above is the result. Kinda fun, but not really useful. Let’s see what can be done next..

Moved to Octopress

Just saw this new blogging system and I think I like the idea. :) I think I’ll move to this blog and try to write posts in English here.