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A Dynamic User Authentication Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Kirk H.M. Wong, Yuan Zheng, Jiannong Cao, Shengwei Wang

Internet and Mobile Computing Lab., Department of Computing
Department of Building Service Engineering
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Access Control *

What do we have now?

IC SmartCard*

Fast HW accelerator
One-way hash function

epl / *t***** or 🔑

Another protocal by El-Fishway et al. make use of keys, one-way hash with assumption of no central authority and among non-trusted peers.



Three Phases

  1. 1. Registration
  2. 2. Login
  3. 3. Authentication
Phase 1 - Registration

1. H is a one-way hash function, ex. SHA-256
2. TS is a timestamp

Phase 2 - Login
Phase 3 - Authentication
// It verified the password and login time effectively




Phases Overhead Cost
Registration 2TH + 1CMH
Login 2TH + 2TXOR + 1CMH
Authentication 1TH + 1TXOR + 1CMH
Total Cost 5TH + 3TXOR + 3CMH