Two-Factor Authentication for Windows

I had a remote running Windows with Remote Desktop enabled. I’m really uncomfortable about just putting it online with the bare minimal Windows authentication protection, so I went online to do a little research and I found out that the algorithm Google Authenticator is using (it’s called TOTP) could be integrated to Windows authentication system. Here is how to do it.

The key thing here is MultiOTP-CP, it’s a credential provider for Windows to enable two-factor authentication. Before we get into that, we will need to install its dependency, MultiOTP. MultiOTP is a library to deal with one-time passwords. You can download it from []. Extract it to C:\multiotp. Now, we need to tie your Windows account with a proper key for TOTP elgorithm. Open your command prompt and switch to C:\multiotp. Type the following command to setup two-factor auth.

multiotp -debug -create test [user name] [20-bytes(160bits) key] [4 digit pin, doesn't matter.] 6 30

If it says success, try you could verify it by using

multiotp -debug [user name] [OTP generated on your phone]

If you need some help with generating key, I recommend speakeasy. It’s not exactly a tool but a two-factor authentication library for node.js. It could generate key and url to QR code for your phone to scan in one line. If you don’t mind go through installing node.js, try it!

Once that’s done, install multiotp-cp and it’s done! Next time you need to login to Windows, you’ll see an extra field for you to input one-time password. Simple as that!