Git Dashboard

This dashboard is made for collaboration with teams. I was a hackthon-ing with bizkit and ftt. We set up the dashboard to pulls new data from the repository automatically and display in this pretty format. It was only intended for fun but it turns out very useful when merging works from everyone. The tool we used to make it display on the desktop is called NerdTool.

It was very easy to setup. You just need to add a new entry with the following command. We have another repository put under ~/.gitwatch to prevent the work being interfered when pulling new changes and to eliminate all local branches.

date; cd /Users/Zero/.gitwatch/fun-taipei-fork-of-csim-saycheese; git pull >/dev/null 2>&1; git lp2 --all | head -n 34

Oh, and for the lp2, it’s actually abbrev. of log command with customized format string. You could add the following entries to your ~/.gitconfig file.

  lp2 = log --abbrev-commit --decorate --graph --color --pretty="format:%C(yellow)%h%Cred%d\\ %C(cyan)%an%Creset:\\ %Cgreen%s%Creset\\ %ar" --all

Now, have fun! :)